Healthy child healthy Nation
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Healthy child healthy Nation

The child care starts right from the conception .Expectant Moms should undergo proper antenatal check ups and focus on various maternal diseases .Gestational diabetes mellitus is one such condition which can lead to birth of big babies .

Maternal hypothyroidism should be promptly treated to prevent mental retardation in the newborn .Similarly expectant moms should be screened for hepatitis B so that they are vaccinated or treated for chronic HBV in order to prevent maternal transmission of chronic HBV .

The delivery should be supervised and all possible efforts made to prevent fetal hypoxic damage to the brain of the newborn. during birth process

Then comes care of the neonate. It is very important to have your neonate examined by a child physician.

Biliary atresia ( presenting as Jaundice ) is mistaken to be benign or breast milk jaundice .

The consequences are serious if this condition is not treated early .

Emphasize breastfeeding :

Breastfeeding transfers immunity to the suckling baby and wards off diseases ranging from diarrheal illnesses , asthma to Diabetes as the baby grows .

Breast fed babies are less prone to develop childhood obesity .

For the Mom it helps to return to earlier pre pregnancy weight and decreases the risk of breast and ovarian cancers.

It is recommended to breastfeed at least 6 months to two years with complimentary food supplementation .

How to prevent childhood obesity ?

It is solely the responsibility of parents.Children do not do what you say to them but they follow what you actually do. Foremost thing in the care of a child is that there should be peace at home .The child copies your actions , words you speak and all gets inscribed on their brain . Subconscious stress begins right from the beginning of child development . Do not snatch their confidence .Talk to them when they are in a mood to accept things . Overeating behaviour later obesity can be a manifestation of stress .

Parents are the ones who buy groceries, cook meals and decide where the food is eaten. Even small changes can make a big difference in your child’s health. Some tips are

  1. While shopping avoid foods in high sugars , fats and those with high calories .Choose fruit and vegetables instead
  2. Keep healthy food options available to cut down the temptation of eating a fast food item
  3. Avoid giving juice to your child .These contain high sugar content .Give fruit instead which contains fiber an important component to prevent constipation.
  4. Avoid watching TV , Computer games etc while eating
  5. The capacity of stomach in your child is small , do not force him or her to eat more .No need to give multiple servings at frequent intervals
  6. Keep BMI calculator and track the weight of your child accordingly .Make your child weight conscious .It is possible only if you are yourself following a healthy lifestyle .
  7. Increase the activity of your child .It burns calories, strengthens bones and muscles, and helps children sleep well at night and stay alert during the day.
  8. Limit computer time of your child to no more than 2 hrs a day

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