What diabetics needs to know about their food.

Contributed by Dr Muhammad Yaseen MD(Medicine) Senior consultant Medicine . Formerly Prof Dept of Medicine GMC Srinagar Kashmir The glycemic index is a tool that’s often used to promote better blood sugar management. Several factors influence the glycemic index of a food, including its nutrient composition, cooking method, ripeness, and the amount of processing it […]

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FOOT SAFETY FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES: A must read for people with Diabetes mellitus

Contributed by  Dr Shariq Masoodi Prof  of  Endocrinology SKIMS ,Sgr Kashmir  Facebook People with #diabetes develop #foot problems due to a combination of factors — high blood sugar damaging nerves and blood vessels, leading to numbness, poor circulation, and vulnerable skin. This makes tiny injuries go unnoticed, then worsen due to slow healing and increased […]

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Regular fruit intake will keep Diabetes at bay, here is how !

Contributed by  Prof. Bashir A Laway  Professor and Head Department of Endocrinology Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Soura Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir, email: drlaway@gmail.com Fruit intake and prevention of diabetes Many epidemiological studies have proved that regular intake of fruit is associated with prevention of diabetes. Consumption of 150 grams of fruit per day for […]

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Screen for Gestational diabetes and save your innocent child from complications in the womb

Some ladies develop high blood sugars during pregnancy without being diabetic before pregnancy .This is called Gestational diabetes .It is caused by either deficiency of Insulin or their is resistance to insulin in their body. Lot of hormones are produced during pregnancy which raise blood sugars of the mother and affect the child in womb.   […]

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Diabetes mellitus can affect kidneys called diabetic nephropathy . It develops slowly over many years but can be present at the time of diagnosis If spotted early it can be managed and complications can be halted Unfortunately , high blood sugars can affect blood vessels everywhere including kidneys.  This causes leak of various proteins into […]

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