Domestic  violence as a predisposing factor to Drug abuse in children 
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Domestic  violence as a predisposing factor to Drug abuse in children 

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Dr Arif Maghribi Khan


 Domestic violence can happen to any women or men, rich or poor although its victims are mostly females. Across the globe  many married women have committed suicide because of domestic violence and those who bare it suffer from major depression, PTSD.  While  female children who are silent spectators of this tend to suffer from severe anxiety disorders, lack of self confidence, and male children usually find refuge  in drugs. 

Self  confidence of such children is severely affected. Since I want to talk about domestic violence and drug abuse which is hidden cause of drug abuse but denied, I want people of all walks of life to read about it in detail and mostly importantly SPEAK UP, SEEK HELP, and STOP; because if your husband is indulging in it, it will leave a bad impression on your children and above all your son too will do it when he is married. We have to stop this vicious cycle of violence. Such families live under one roof, but fragmented, nobody  cares for anyone 

People become drug abusers due  to various types of drugs, this shows an inner emptiness which people try to fill by drugs. The will-power of a drug abuser becomes weak slowly without him actually realizing it. I personally treated 6  drug abusers and the reason they gave me was really unexpected. One  drug abuser aged 17 told me it was his  friend who introduced him  to drugs, first was cigarettes, then beer, and then alcohol. After many sessions of counseling he told me his parents would quarrel and his mother was subjected to domestic violence. For this young boy drug abuse was the most effective and enjoyable way to forget his problems, until he underwent painful withdrawal symptoms. Life threatening symptoms which arise after somebody stops drugs suddenly on his own without consulting a Psychiatrist. He had to seek my consultation. Among these young drug abusers I found something very unique but worth noting.

In chocolates, sweets these drug abusers looked for sweetness, tenderness and love which their tough life was missing. In alcohol they found confidence, security and determination which they could exhibit only during the time of consuming these drugs. In cigarettes they found a relaxed mind and calm.

Now, as we all know, we can get permanent peace of mind, relaxed mind, sweetness in life and confidence without taking to drugs. Here comes the responsibility of parents, friends, family, teachers and religious personalities. These community leaders must be proactive rather than reactive as is the case in our state of Kashmir. Kashmirs are generally very religious, a good session of counseling by trained doctors can do them a world of good. Anyone abusing drugs must make sure he gets medical treatment first for life threatening withdrawal symptoms, then medicine to reduce craving for misused drugs. One important cogwheel in drug de-addiction treatment is meditation which unfortunately is not given so much importance. Meditation can be of any kind, meditation is like a mobile charger you need to use it so that you never feel down and frustrated. Meditation recharges your body and prepares for challenges of life. Meditation leads us to what is genuine and eternal.

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