Image challenge !
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Image challenge !

Clinical scenario 
An 80 year old female presented to our clinic with history of postprandial fullness, nausea and intermittent  postprandial   vomiting of 3 weeks duration without any history of anorexia or weight loss. 
Examination she was conscious oriented hemodynamically stable with 
no pallor, lymphadenopathy cyanosis or jaundice.  Her systemic examination was normal .
Investigations :
On laboratory evaluation she had hemoglobin of 15.3gm/dl. normal WBC and platelet count.
liver and kidney function tests were normal
Upper GI endoscopic examination showed normal esophagus , body of the stomach was normal and there was a lesion in Antral area of stomach as shown in Fig below
Fig Upper GI examination , the lesion is in antrum of stomach

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