Embrace Wellness: The Mediterranean Diet for a Healthier Life.

The Mediterranean Diet focuses on plant-based foods and healthy fats. You primarily consume vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Extra virgin olive oil serves as the main fat source. Following this diet can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and various other chronic conditions. A dietitian can assist in tailoring the diet to meet your specific […]

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Case Report: Adams Oliver Syndrome in a Neonate

Contributed by Dr. Ghulam Nabi, MD, Pediatric Consultant and Neonatologist at Bugshan Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (drgnabi2@gmail.com). Abstract: This case report describes a late preterm male neonate diagnosed with Adams Oliver Syndrome (AOS). The patient presented with extensive skin defects, limb abnormalities, and other congenital anomalies. Despite intensive management, the neonate succumbed to cardiorespiratory arrest […]

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Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease to NASH

Contributed by Dr. Vipul Agarwal M.B;B.S  MD(Internal Medicine), FAGE, CPCDM(RSSDI) Consultant physician & Diabetologist Unique Healthcare Maitri Clinic Jaipur, Rajasthan, India You can find me at- E-mail: vipul.msrmc@gmail.com linkedIn/ Instagram/ facebook / Google profile  What is non alcoholic fatty liver disease ? Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (sometimes called “NAFLD”) is a condition in which fat […]

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