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Today I reached home earlier and on a popular demand of many friends I am compiling this  blog. Hope you like it and give your feedback.

But first things first- for example you cannot ONLY rely on visualization for passing any exam, for passing any exam you need to work hard and then only visualize. You all can find different ways, since I am talking of exams and Anxiety — let me give you one example here.

When you start reading your book say ,  Physics — if you are at home you can visualize that “while reading- light rays sent by God are hitting your brain and thus your study is becoming easy and memory power is better than yesterday”.

This you have to do for months on regular basis. Visualization is not some pain killer injection that it will show results in 20 minutes, so be patient.

I am giving you another example of how to prepare for examinations/ interviews/ meetings or seminars.

In the beginning you need to close your eyes, ‘Close your eyes and visualize you leaving your home for examination /job interview or power point presentation or meeting with your boss.

Visualize you reached place of examination or place of interview, you see many people there, some talking, and some silent. Then in some time you are given question paper and you slowly start answering it, slowly but steadily you answer all questions to your best of ability’. Same example applies for giving a lecture or meeting people. This exercise can be done alone or with parents or your best friend throughout the year also. And all should remember this golden rule of spirituality and positivity which says “Do not think what will happen if I do not do good in exams or interview, rather think how happy I and my family will be if I do good in exams or interview”. Just like oxygen is must, feeding your body continuously and not once in a while with such positive thoughts will open a new chapter of positivity in your life.

Some students or employees will be afraid to sit in examinations or meet boss for meetings or any such event but remember by sitting at home and not going for exams, or meeting you have zero per cent of passing, but by going to give exam you have 50 per cent of passing or meeting ending on a successful note.

And we all know 50 per cent is better than 0per cent any day.






ANXIETY = In anxiety we should take counselling and talk to a psychiatrist then do visualization.

In this type of visualization you think again of positive outcomes of any event especially which troubles you. Instead of thinking I will fail in interview think of being successful on daily basis, slowly anxiety will be replaced with confidence.


Make a list. Make a list of situations, places or objects that you fear. …

Build a Fear Ladder. Once you have made a list, arrange things from the least scary to the most scary. …

Facing fears (exposure) Starting with the situation that causes the least anxiety, repeatedly engage in.

Practice. …

Reward brave behavior.

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