Top tips to improve your emotional intelligence
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Top tips to improve your emotional intelligence

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Ms Aaliya Masoodi

Emotional Intelligence, (EI) is the ability to observe, practice, comprehend and manage your feelings effectively and completely. A high EQ helps you to communicate reasonably, lessen your difficulty and burden, diffuse disputes, enhance connections, empathize with others, and effectively overcome life’s unpredictability. 

According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist ,there are some key elements of emotional Intelligence as:

  • Self-Awareness.
  • Self-regulation.
  • Social Skills
  • Empathy.
  • Motivation.


Being aware of distinct elements of yourself, including your feelings and perceptions, self-aware individuals can discern their emotions and not let their beliefs control them. They are optimistic, inclined to take a sincere look at themselves, and understand their stability and drawbacks.

How to improve Self-awareness?

Ask yourself:

How do your emotions impact , how you react? 

How well do you relate with others? Do you get worried, irritated, or embarrassed often? 

Do you need to improve how you acknowledge your encounters? 

Are you taking responsibility for your actions?


The capacity to govern emotions and instincts. People who self-regulate generally don’t allow themselves to become irritated or jealous. 

Don’t make impulsive, unreasonable judgments. They can wait and think before behaving.

How to improve your self-regulation?

Discover ways to release stress, such as yoga, listening to music, taking a break, attending a support group, or attending self care sessions. 

Remind yourself life doesn’t always go in the way we expect.

3.Social Skills and Empathy:

Awareness of other people’s emotions. An individual who has high EI is a collaborator, decent listener, great communicator, able to manage confrontations effectively and skilled in building and strengthening alliances and appreciate feelings in others.

How to improve your social skills?

Startup to look at a circumstance from another’s point of opinion or perspective to comprehend their behaviour.

Remember that an individual’s behaviour is based on their knowledge, seen from their viewpoint

Always ask yourself “why”;  what may this individual be dealing with that I don’t see? 

  • Improve your listening methods. 
  • Provide non-judgmental statements 

4.Motivation :

Recognizing the deeper importance of your aspirations; being dedicated and encouraging. An individual with high EI has an emotional drive to improve and attain, takes ambition, and is prepared to take on a challenge.

How to improve your motivation?

Ask yourself: What is the meaning of what are you doing?

Pay attention to what fascinates you, what gives you strength, and what amazes you.  Improving your EI allows you to become more resilient and less likely to escape reality and depression. High EI is correlated with psychological well-being. 

Remember: By boosting EI doesn’t mean to please people or make them like you, it means to understand and love people, be factual, take the successive step, talk your truth, and breathe. 

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