Top tips during winter
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Top tips during winter

“Winter is on my head but spring is in my heart”, said Victor Hugo years back . We can face the challenges  of harsh winter when we are fully prepared and make it an enjoyable experience .Some of the essential points towards happy winter  are as under :-

1.Medical conditions that need special attention in winter:

Winter increases the risks of, flu, sore throat, painful joints. Patients with asthma need a special care .Cold can worsen their spasm and exacerbate  shortness of breath. Acute bronchitis, sore throats are also common in winter season. Smoking can worsen such symptoms so high time to stop smoking. Avoid gatherings and going in cold temperature.

  • Blood pressure tends to increase during cold and can precipitate heart attacks and strokes. So hypertensive patients should continue to consume less salt and regularly take medicine for their hypertension. Preventive health checkup is the best way to beat the winter diseases and to enjoy good health even in the chilled weather.
  • Winter causes dry skin due to less humidity .Put any cream on feet and hands. Avoid extremes of temp.
  • Frostbite: It can start with numbness, tingling and bluish or pale discoloration of the skin. Avoid cold temperature for a long time in hands and feet to prevent frostbite especially in children. Immerse your feet in warm water regularly. Do not rub the affected feet and seek medical attention.
  • Avoid dehydration and consume enough of warm water
  • Patients with chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, COPD & heart failure should continue to take their medication. Try to be in warm environment, avoid un necessary exposure to cold.
  • Vaccinate your elderly people for influenza, COVID etc.
  • Read Seasonal affective disorder  

2.Food in winters:

Take a balanced nutritious healthy diet. Keep enough of food stock at home during winter.

  • Leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits high in vitamin C and fibre, like oranges.
  • Beans are a good source of energy.
  • Dates can also be taken as a good source of energy.
  • Consume nuts, these are a very good source of vitamins, zinc and other minerals considered good for winters.
  • Take warm vegetable soups daily and avoid going out in cold soon after food intake

3.Winter wares: Put on multi-layered warm clothes. Put on  thick leggings .First layer should be close to skin and then woollen and finally a water proof jacket. A woollen scarf during winters can help a lot aUse double blankets during night and do not keep   hot bottles very close in elderly people to prevent burns.

4.Exercise in winters: Never underestimate your weight and do not add more kilos to your weight during winter. You can use a tread mill at home or go for brisk walking with warm clothes on.

5.Taking care of water pipes:

  • As the temperature drops water freezes in the pipes especially during night and can burst pipes. Insulate all external water pipes at home.
  • Every day in the evening, turn off main water supplies from the overhead tank and drain off all water from the pipes so that water doesn’t get frozen at night .In Bath room keep water in buckets for use during night time.

6.Heating arrangements in winter:

  • Avoid extremes of temperature.
  • Be careful about coal stoves and fancy but dangerous gas stoves during winter for heating purpose. Carbon monoxide being odourless, liberated from coal stoves can be fatal. Understanding early warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning like headache are very important.
  • Offices should keep carbon monoxide sensors & alarms so that excessive carbon monoxide doesn’t accumulate. Also keep proper ventilation in offices if these heating sources are unavoidable

7.Taking care of the car: Make sure your car has winter tune up. Ensure  all tires are ok and in good condition .Get brakes ,  antifreeze levels, battery, ignition system, exhaust system, heater, lights and oil checked by your mechanic .Keep tire chains in your car in case there is heavy snowfall .  Drive slowly & carefully especially during morning hours to avoid slip.     

Best wishes, remember  when winter comes spring cannot be too far.

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