Moving from tissue biopsy to chromosomal analysis (Chromopsy)
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Moving from tissue biopsy to chromosomal analysis (Chromopsy)

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Dr Ghulam Nabi.

Professor of Surgical Uro-oncology.

Ninewells Hospital, University of Dundee, United Kingdom 

Linkedin : Prof Ghulam Nabi


As we move forward in Medicine, precision of diagnosis and treatment improves.

Obtaining tissues for microscopic examination ( biopsy) by expert clinician (pathologist) is considered as definitive way to confirm diseases such as cancers. Little does this provide any clue to natural history of disease or response to treatment.

In a recent article in Scottish Medical Journal, Al-Hussaini et al (1) write about chromosomal analysis of tissue from biopsies (chromopsy) as a way to improve and predict outcome of cancers to treatments.

Whether this will be an additional auxiliary to all biopsies needs to be seen , but certainly a new term and suggestion to watch in the future.

This is certainly possible and could be offered as clinical genetics services are placed in most hospitals in the UK and need is increasingly realised across the world.

Chromopsy is a new term and technique. It is suggested that addition of this to microscopic examination of tissue ( biopsy) may move us closer to be precise in treating and mange in f our patients for various conditions including cancers.

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Chromopsy: Cytogenetic and molecular characterization of diseases




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