Eat slow here is why .
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Eat slow here is why .

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Ms Aaliya Masoodi

Benefits of eating slow. 

One of the troubles in our daily lives is that many of us rush through the day, with no time to eat or when we have time to get a bite to eat, we swallow it down.

No doubt, that leads to stressful, sick living.

And with the simple but strong act of eating slower, we can begin to reverse that lifestyle immediately. At the end of the day, we all know It’s not just about health — it’s about a lifestyle. And whether you want to adopt that lifestyle or not, there are some reasons you should consider the simple act of eating slower:

  1. It helps you to lose weight: 

A growing number of studies confirm that just by eating slower, you’ll consume fewer calories — The reason is that it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to realize that we’re full. If we eat fast, we can continue eating past the point where we’re full. If we eat slowly, we have time to realize we’re full and stop on time. Now, eating healthier foods sounds more convincing, but if you’re looking to lose weight, eating slowly should be a part of your new lifestyle.

  1. You tend to enjoy your food more: 

It’s pretty difficult to enjoy your food if it goes by too quickly. Think about it: you want to eat foods that taste good. But if you eat them fast, what’s the point? If you eat them slowly, you can get the same amount of great taste, but with less going into your stomach. And that idea aside, I think you just become happier by tasting great food and enjoying it fully, by eating slowly. Make your meals a pleasant thing to experience every day, not a thing you do rush, between stressful events.

  1. It helps you to digest the food better: 

If you eat slower, you’ll chew your food better, which leads to better digestion. Digestion starts in the mouth, so the more work you do up there, the less you’ll have to do in your stomach. 

  1. Less stress: 

Eating slowly, and paying attention to our eating, can be a great form of mindfulness exercise. Be in the moment, rather than rushing through a meal thinking about what you need to do next. When you eat, you should eat. This kind of mindfulness, according to Leo Babauta, will lead to a less stressful life, and long-term happiness. Give it a try. 

Protest against fast food and fast life. Our hectic, stressful, messy lives will always lead to eating Fast Food and eating it quickly. This is a lifestyle that is degrading us, making us unhealthy, stressed out, and unhappy. We rush through our day, doing one mindless task after another, without taking the moment to live life, celebrate life, relate to each other, to be human. That’s not a decent thing to achieve. Instead, protest against that dull lifestyle with the small act of eating slower.

Taste life itself.

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