Basic lifestyle habits for your best general well- being
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Basic lifestyle habits for your best general well- being

Contributed by 

Dr. Vipul Agarwal

M.B;B.S  MD(Internal Medicine), FAGE, CPCDM(RSSDI)

Lifestyle changes-

  1. Sleep adequately- 8 hrs a day(most important)- most important hours- 10pm- 2am. early to bed early to rise
  1. Keep yourself hydrated
  2. Keep screen time to bare minimum- avoid any screen after 8pm
  3. Warm bedtime bath with Epsom salt

Central nervous system dysregulation stabilization

  1. Breathing Exercises/ Pranayama
  2. Yoga 
  3. Meditation


Increase intake of Anti- inflammatory diet

  1. Stop milk and other dairy except ghee and curd- moderate amount of ghee and curd in diet is highly beneficial for nutrition as well as gut health.
  2. Reduce wheat, fruit juice, maida
  3. Take multigrain chapatis
  4. Increase vegetables in diet
  5. Deep sea fish oil
  6. Vitamin B12 and D
  7. Fermented food- idli,dosa, khaman dhokla
  8. Kaanji- 1 glass before food (in winters)- click here for recipe
  9. Apple cider vinegar- 1 spoon in 1 glass water before meals
  10. Salad before each meals
  11. Probiotics- curd, yogurt
  12. Aam panna, coconut water, kateera(can be taken with lemon water)
  13. Gulkand( 1 spoon in 1 glass of water)- soak in water for 1 hr and consume.


  1. Walking- postprandial walking- 15 mins after each meal
  2. Brisk walk – 45 mins a day at least 3 days a week
  3. Low – medium impact workouts. Avoid high intensity training (Exercise that you love)
  4. Strength training- weight lifting
  5. Swimming, yoga


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