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Top tips to save your child from COVID-19

Contributed by

Dr Sahana K.S

Additional Professor Pediatrics

Yenepoya Medical College ,Mangalore-Karnataka-575018

Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus [SARS-CoV-2], a beta coronavirus, mainly involving adults and known to cause milder or asymptomatic infection in children. 

Analysis from the previous experience showed that there was a lower need for hospital and intensive care unit admission in children compared to adults but there is a lot of apprehension regarding the third wave which may affect the children predominantly as they are not vaccinated. 

AS per our IAP, though there is a chance of a high rate of infectivity  among children in the coming wave, the possibility of severe disease may not be  very high. Further,even in severe cases response to treatment is relatively better  compared to adults when treatment is initiated  on time.But  there is a word of caution to parents or caretakers as children do get a  severe and even life threatening illness.

Precautions for Children :

  •  All covid related appropriate behaviour needs to be followed. 
  • Children should wear masks whenever they are outside home along with frequent hand washing as  maintaining  personal hygiene is very important.
  • In case , a child gets fever and history of contact with other Covid positive individuals present, it’s always better to consult a paediatrician as soon as possible. 
  • Children commonly have symptoms of cough , cold , vomiting  and  loose stools  
  • If home isolation is advised by your treating doctor then follow the norms strictly. Good hydration along with a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is advisable. 
  • In cases of newborns whose mother is Covid positive , babies should be given breastfeeding . Mother should wear a mask while breastfeeding and mother should wash her hands. After feeding ,the baby should  be kept separately under a caretaker.

Covid 19 is a new challenge to the human race and we need to be very responsible  with respect to our covid appropriate behaviour . We should set examples for our children and protect our  future generation .

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