Save your knees before it is too late.
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Save your knees before it is too late.

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Mr Louis Peach

Eastbourne United Kingdom


Chronic knee pain affects 25 percent of adults and has a deleterious effect on daily function and quality of life(1,2)

  • The most important for better function of knees is to REDUCE   your weight
  • Strengthen your muscles by regular exercise before knees start hurting.
  • walking , swimming and cycling are considered good 
  • Join a gym and strengthen your muscles to support these crucial joints as shown below
  • Consult your doctor  if your knees hurt a lot .
  • Do not be shy of  using a walking aid when knee hurts.  
  •  A crutch or cane can take the stress off of your knee.
  • Knee splints and braces can also help you stay stable but seek your doctor’s advice .



References :

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  2. Nguyen US, Zhang Y, Zhu Y, et al. Increasing prevalence of knee pain and symptomatic knee osteoarthritis: survey and cohort data. Ann Intern Med 2011; 155:725.

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