Top six foods to stay healthy in monsoon. 
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Top six foods to stay healthy in monsoon. 

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The monsoon season is a pleasing change after four long months of summer heat. However, while monsoon offers little relief from the heat, it comes with its share of health risks. This is because of the weather changes that result in a change in temperature and humidity that spread some diseases during this season. Consequently, infections, digestive problems and allergies are seen to be more common. But there’s always a solution to everything if we follow a few precautions and a healthy diet.

 1. Try different soups:

Instead of eating unhealthy, convenience store food, try to consume a bowl of steamy hot soup when you feel hungry. Filling and packed with nutrients, soups are easy to digest and will keep your stomach decent on daily basis. A bowl of chicken soup or vegetable corn soup garnished with black pepper, garlic and ginger keep you hydrated through the day. 

2. Herb teas:

Herbal tea, such as tulsi tea and ginger tea, could be your loyal companions during the monsoon season. Drinking herbal tea will keep you warm and safe from cold and flu while increasing your immunity. Add a few drops of honey if needed instead of sugar.

3. Turmeric:

A popular kitchen ingredient, turmeric is a gift herb that should be consumed in any form during every season. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric improves your immune system and keeps infections at bay. Drink a glass of warm turmeric milk or turmeric water every night before hitting the bed to stay fit during the monsoon. 

 4. Probiotics:

You should include more probiotics in your diet during monsoon. Yoghurt and pickled veggies can make sure that your gut is healthy and comfortable. Probiotics are good bacteria and they live in our gut or intestinal tract. They help fight off disease-causing germs as well as bad bacteria from thriving in our bodies.

5. Citrus foods:

Citrus fruits include many types of fruits, such as lemons, limes, grapefruit, and several types of oranges. They are a great source of vitamin C and strengthen our immunity. Monsoons are the time when we are more prone to catching diseases. Vitamin C helps fight infections, ease digestion, and care for bone health.

6. Dry Nuts:

Eating dates, almonds, walnuts and cashews is a good idea in every season. These nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals and are great additions to your monsoon diet. Rich in riboflavin, and niacin, these food items help to strengthen your immunity. They are powerful antioxidants and keep your cells healthy. Say no to junk this monsoon and binge on some nutritious nuts, dry fruits and seeds.

 Besides eating healthy it is important to keep our main surroundings clean.

Healthline suggests following these steps to stay safe and satisfied during the monsoon.

•Keep your house and surroundings clean.

•Wash your hands with a hand wash before and after having a meal.

•Always carry a hand sanitiser along when you step out.

•Always wash the vegetables and fruits with clean, purified water before cooking or consuming them raw.

•Last but not least, take care of your gut. Monsoon can take a toll on your digestive system and we may experience frequent acidity, gas, bloating, etc. Some infections can also affect your liver.

You should avoid fried foods and heavy, fatty dishes during this season. If you have developed a stomach infection, consult your doctor immediately.


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