Symptoms of Stomach cancer
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Symptoms of Stomach cancer

Symptoms of stomach cancer

Gastric cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide.

Mortality rates are high because most patients with gastric cancer

present with advanced disease.

However, there has been a steady decline in gastric

cancer mortality worldwide, with the rate of decline varying by region.

Gastric cancer is usually asymptomatic and when symptoms develop it may

be already advanced .

The patient may have decreased appetite and may complain of easy fatigability.

The symptoms are vague and following symptoms necessarily may not

mean stomach cancer especially in young people but if symptoms continue

please consult your doctor

  • heartburn or acid reflux especially in people more than 55 years of age
  • having problems swallowing (dysphagia)
  • symptoms of indigestion, such as burping a lot
  • feeling full very quickly when eating

Other symptoms include:

  • loss of appetite or losing weight without trying to
  • a lump at the top of your tummy
  • pain at the top of your tummy
  • feeling tired or having no energy

If you have another condition, such as gastro-oesophageal reflux disease,

you may get symptoms like these regularly. Please get evaluated.

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