Salt is a white Poison ; here is why
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Salt is a white Poison ; here is why

We have been consuming common salt since ages . Studies have shown that high salt consumption is a major cause of high blood pressure .There is a strong link between high salt consumption and risk of stroke, left ventricular hypertrophy, renal disease, obesity, renal stones and stomach cancer.

What does excessive salt do to our body ?

It has been shown to reduce the activity of superoxide dismutase which is a very powerful antioxidant enzyme working tirelessly to detoxify a million free radicals per second .Once we cripple our very own antioxidant machinery our arterial functions get crippled .Further, excessive salt intake leads to stiffness of arteries and its consequent effects .



It has been observed that people consuming high salt their blood pressure never gets controlled despite multiple drugs and the nasty game of hypertension is set free.
Salt intake is especially deleterious for the heart , kidney and liver disease patients.
High Sodium intake has been shown to reduce nitric oxide release known to relax blood vessels .Thus by consuming one salty meal not only does our blood pressure go up, but our arteries literally stiffen.
Can reduction in salt intake help us ?
If we would cut our salt intake by a half teaspoon a day we might prevent 22% of strokes and 16 % of fatal heart attacks.
Your kitchen master could help you more than pharmacy.
Do we really need salt ?
Yes, we do need salt in our body and it should come naturally from food (fruit and vegetables)
Stop adding table salt, avoid salty preparations from the market .We don’t need more than 2.3gm/day (1/4 tea spoon) of Sodium per day which is equivalent to 5gms of common salt per day 
We should reduce salt in cooking and avoid hidden sources of salt like that found in Bread, Pizza, Burgers bakery, processed foods , fast foods, potato chips. Salted nuts etc
Sounds strange!
There are no deleterious effects associated with reducing salt consumption and it is also very cost-effective.
It has been observed that our taste buds get acclimatized to NO SALT within 2 -3 weeks and you won’t have salt cravings later at all.
Our Pink tea contains a lot of sodium (Baking soda, common salt ) our morning bread (Lawasa) is loaded with salt.
How to have salt alternatives for our naughty taste buds ?
Be creative and season your foods with spices, lemon ginger garlic. Vinegar
To conclude common salt is a white poison World over 4 million deaths are linked to high salt intake.
Gradually stop salt intake from today.Train your taste buds SALT FREE FOODS, it needs just 3 WEEKS to adapt and live a healthy Life.

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