Plant based Diet : Here is how it is beneficial.
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Plant based Diet : Here is how it is beneficial.

Researchers have shown that a  plant-based diet may help prevent, or  treat, some of our leading causes of death, including heart disease, Fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. These disorders have been affecting our youth and have  a long lasting effect on our society. 

Interventional studies of plant-based diets have shown  90 percent reductions in  anginal  attacks within just a few weeks(Anginal attacks :- The chest pain caused while walking or during exercise ) 

In another  study participants who were fed plant-based diet  had a  greater diet satisfaction than those  in control groups They  also showed  improved digestion, increased energy, and better sleep .Not only this,  a  significant improvement in their physical functioning, general health, vitality, and mental health was noted. 

Studies have shown plant-based eating can improve not only body weight, blood sugar levels, and ability to control cholesterol, but also emotional states, including depression, anxiety, fatigue, sense of well-being, and daily functioning.

So friends let us start plant based diet ( fruit and vegetables) . 

Having said this I want to highlight that there is an increased  use of pesticides and various hormones while growing fruit and vegetables.

An unfortunate attempt by man himself to spoil mankind as these harmful substances find their way in our food chain.

There is a need of Biological control of insects etc harmful to our crop so that use of pesticides is reduced. Till this dream translates into reality have a kitchen garden at home. 

Make  it a hobby to work in your kitchen garden.Grow vegetables in your home and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.



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