Never Miss your Breakfast , here is why.
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Never Miss your Breakfast , here is why.

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Breakfast –the first meal we all have in the earliest part of the day .It refers to cracking the interval of time our tummies are empty throughout the night since the last meal.

We burn calories when we are asleep about 90% as fast as while we are sitting on the couch watching     television.

You might think of sleep as a store house of energy while you enjoy this state, where you physically are immobile with least energy expenditure.

Logically what happens  to the  brain and several other systems in your body  is quite different  .Brain is actually very active during sleep doing important things — it’s not just resting, One of the most active parts of the body during sleep is the brain, To function properly, it needs to have access to a constant fuel supply.

Human brain consumes approximately 60% of blood glucose in fasting state, sedentary individuals Without letting one know, the brain is constantly carrying out in numerous processes linked to the nervous system, like  processing of sensory data, storing  memories, regulating homeostasis, and making decisions. Even while one is sleeping, the  brain never really shuts off completely and is continuously burning energy.

What maximum people do on daily basis is ,whether they wake up early or late they will never have time for breakfast , whatever they eat is very little both qualitatively as well quantitatively having a miser amount of food  till the lunch menus, then they have binge eating filling their tummies in an unplanned manner again a burden on stomach in  an altogether manner

Skipping breakfast never helps in maintaining ideal body weight ,nor is a good practice to follow, so at a stretch keeping body in a fasting state never makes you a good performer for the rest of the day ,be a student home maker ,a teacher, a cart vendor ,an athlete etc. , hence belonging to whatsoever category of workers .

From the nutrition point of view skipping breakfast drops  your blood sugar levels  , your metabolism slows down, stress hormone level increases, and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Keeping stomach empty for prolonged period increases chances of gastric ailments such as gastritis, ulcers, etc.


Breakfast is the essential meal of the day and needs to be planned accordingly comprising healthy portions of both micro as  well as macro nutrients   than ready to available breakfast cereals as the food industry always introduces quickly picked food ideas to introduce brands in the name of marketing .

The age old practice in Indian population to have carb rich meal (refined cereal) needs to be replaced by whole grain cereals,protein ,fibre rich meal,for every meal hence maintaining PFCF budget

Prolonged practice of boiling tea leaves in tradition old aluminum and steel utensils, addition of sodium bicarbonate/jaggery  all such methodologies needed to be checked to what extent they are harmful to our health .

Good sources of carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, vitamins need to be incorporated as a part of healthy breakfast

Eating a balanced breakfast helps to up our energy, as well as protein and calcium used throughout the night.”

Treat your bodies like temples, and use your food as medicine before for all the life you’re dependent on medicines and consuming every hour a pill.

Look for preventive health care first than interventional care for every disease.

As you look up and give importance to your outlook in terms of a tidy and a good looking appearance, in the same manner you need to fuel up the body wisely to enhance your performance and confidence level for the rest of your day as food has a well-established relationship with the emotions.

‘’An empty stomach can make you feel lethargic and agitated while a filled one may give you a happy feeling and an energetic one’’.


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