How can one live happily  with IBD
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How can one live happily with IBD

About 7 million people worldwide have IBD.1 Although it is not a common disease, an increasing number of people have been diagnosed over the last 20 years.

It is affecting people in their productive years and unfortunately IBD is a lifelong disease, with remitting and relapsing course. Do note delay colonoscopic examination when your doctor advises so . At times it can be very challenging to diagnose  IBD as it mimics many other diseases especially tuberculosis . So your doctor may advise you number of investigations .

Diagnosis is based on imaging (MRI bowel) colonoscopy , biopsy 

Some patients may have what is known as Indeterminate colitis where clinical condition , biopsy are not classical of IBD.   

When diagnosed with IBD , one   can adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve overall health.

Some tips are as under 

  • Keep up your IBD medication regimen. You may be started on step up regimen with biologics as the last resort  
  • Follow your doctor’s advice to manage pain.
  • Drug , dose and side effects need to monitored at regular intervals .Now with the help of non invasive markers the disease is monitored by CRP, Fecal tests without colonoscopy 
  • Once diagnosed  the patient should have  recommended vaccines on time.
  • Stop smoking if you currently smoke.
  • Engage in moderate physical activity.
  • Limit or stop alcohol drinking.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Have balanced diet . Avoid commercial , packed foods with preservatives .Vegetarian diet is always helpful. Keep a food diary as one can have secondary lactose intolerance or bile salt malabsorption .Your doctor can guide you   
  • Reduce stress. A positive approach can help to tackle the disease. Join IBD support groups of your locality .One can share with other patients and get confidence .Word of caution , however, is that all  patients do not have similar course and  complications .


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