Cooking oil : Lesser the better here is why?
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Cooking oil : Lesser the better here is why?

We have  a great range , from coconut to olive, vegetable to canola, avocado to rapeseed oil,  in the market.
From time to time our companies bring us  so many brands with tempting advertisements and promises of good health . But there’s a lot of conflicting data  regarding the perfect oil.
Olive oil appears to be the best  but it is expensive and not suitable for frying as  we are accustomed to.
Why to choose a  safe edible oil?
Studies have found that consuming too much  saturated fat ( present in our edible oils) – more than 20g for women and 30g for men per day,  makes the liver  produce cholesterol in our bodies that increases the risk of heart disease. Millions are suffering from coronary artery which is crippling our society.
Do not use of too much of Oil .I repeat do not use too much of Oil. It is dangerous.
Not only deep frying but   reheating of oil should be completely abandoned  as it makes oil  carcinogenic. Here comes a caveat , avoid fried things from the market as they go on reheating same  oil again and again.
Now how to satisfy  our naughty taste buds when I suggest you no frying at all.
Let  us  marinate our cooking items by adding spices, grinded at home , thus making  it super duper  full of antioxidants. Boil it.  Put a little olive oil at the end.
Or else, do little  frying  with   minimum possible oil to begin with and finally stop frying at all  . I am sure our taste buds will enjoy and our coronaries will dance.
Initially we  may not like it but it will become our  habit and save us  from atherosclerosis , the hardening of blood vessels leading to strokes and heart attacks – huge expenditure and a crippled life.
Let us switch to the  Mediterranean diet and fight atherosclerosis like they are doing in a very simple manner.
If we start now, our next  generation will have no problems and there will be decline in atherosclerosis in our society which is steeping at  a alarming rate now.
                 LESS OIL & NO FRYING
                 Save yourself & Society
Best wishes !
Clifton PM, Keogh JB. A systematic review of the effect of dietary saturated and polyunsaturated fat on heart disease. Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2017;27(12):1060-1080.

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