A marathon of Beliefs.
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A marathon of Beliefs.

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Mr Anees Hamid


What I think as a student and

being-in-the-world is that one of the most daunting tasks of life is to make yourself believe in what you wanna believe in. It Is easy to make someone else have their feet in your thought shoes but harder to hold your eyes still on it when it comes to yours. To make a belief of something negative is easy while it is opposite with something positive.Why? Cause negativity is much stronger than positivity.

To make yourself believe in something positive is quite daunting, there will be mental resistance (mental voice-chattering) which is quite common.

I believe that the ones who have the power to make belief and disbelief in anything in life without any impedance, could be conquerors of life.You wanna be that conqueror?Just grab the rein of your life with both the hands and you are in.

Whenever I attempted to grip my life by making some beliefs, I just got beaten by my mind and the atmosphere I was in.It must be the case with the most while to get rid of it is simple:

1:Stop living all your day in your head and start living with your entire five senses.

2:Whenever you have a thought or an idea never go and speak it out to mediocre people who you know will have nothing but criticism.Make light of it fall on the people who can better understand and listen to your idea and you, they are the ones who always assay to get you ahead.

3:There is this fact at the heart of the neuroscience that when you start repeating something again and again it gets burnt in your brain circuitry i.e., Now steered by your subconscious mind.And it’s the most important thing to have done in making beliefs.And remember never be ashamed of an idea criticized by others, Epictetus says,”If you want to improve,be content to be thought foolish and stupid”.You can be,with a determined mind and a positive attitude,a conqueror of life.



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