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Time to think about Routine Vaccination for your child .Do not miss it.

Contributed by

Dr Sahana K.S

Additional Professor Pediatrics

Yenepoya Medical College ,Mangalore-Karnataka-575018


Current situation of the pandemic has made life of all   people difficult. Routine life along with routine health care activities like normal  immunisation for  children is also getting affected. It has been observed that since the onset of pandemic, there has been either a delay in receiving routine vaccines or  not being taken at all .

  Being  paediatricians, our concern is that not receiving vaccines or delaying the vaccine is going to affect the immunity against the commonly preventable infectious  diseases.  WHO recommends completion and timeliness of routine vaccination as very crucial for getting the maximum protection against specific infections. The Vaccines which are given to infants and toddlers will give protection against pneumonia, Diarrhoea, Meningitis (infection of central nervous system) and ear infections .

On-time vaccination is defined as vaccine dose administered 4 days prior and within 4 weeks after the recommended age specified in the national immunisation schedule as per cdc. That means either vaccine can be taken 4 days earlier or within the 4 weeks of the scheduled date of vaccination for your child. If taken after 1 month after the scheduled date, then it will be considered as delayed vaccination  and it will affect the development of immunity required for the protection against the disease. 

So, now there is a need to get your child vaccinated on time and get the protection against diseases for which vaccines are already available. A time to think about timely vaccination for your children. 



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