Dietary interventions in PCOD
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Dietary interventions in PCOD

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Dt Quratul-Aan 


Case study: PCOD and central obesity

 Saleh(name changed) ,25 year old,female with an initial weight of 107.01kg ,height of %’4.2’’ with

BMI of 39.21,sedentary worker,non vegetarian food pattern 

Client had oligomenorrhea ,medicine induced cycles,facial acne ,hirsutism,increased waist hip circumference ,insomnia 

Methods :

The client was provided detailed consultation taking in view her medical history ,anthropometric values ,biochemical assay ,imagings 

H/0 of recurrent weight gain with delay in cycles, applying keto diet ,internet based information .Every time she tried she lost either a little or no weight and then lost motivation as it was recurrently back bullied by office mates and female friends it was her dream to fit in the best clothes and tried her best to use all the physical activity ,gymming,self learned poses of yoga and much more 

Empathy to let her speak how she feels about dietary choices and guidance over cooking methodologies  combining with routinely weekly change in diet over anti-inflammatory diets ,low glycemic index and based over the weekly outcomes change in progressions were given which ultimately made her cycles within first month to fall after 7 months  and then as her choices attire she was fitting in with no night cravings and loss of energies .


In just 3 months she reduced 18 kgs with no meal skipping or limiting portion sizes no cravings

Mainly one diet doesn’t fit all we all have unique DNA,body types,genetics,hereditary patterns ,personalities,likes dislikes,different economies and lifestyle hence we need to understand as nothing is achieved in a nights time so is the time taken by body to absorb nutrients via food through various progressions of dietary methodologies clubbed with food psychology 

We need to adopt sustenance methodologies ,obesity and disease induced obesities make the things classified as a different mechanism 

Healthy eating,good practices avoiding  CRAP,can be followed by any one of us but nutrient combinations for right nutrients as per diseases be it pcod ,GERD,t2dm,IBS,CVDS,hypothyroidism matters and then as results are achieved we need to sustain the results by taming mind and giving a sharp edge over conditionalized situations viz,festivities,eid ,Diwali, onametc,wedding ceremonies,parties , we need to adjust to the demand of hour without taking a toll over over general health

For the sake of taste we should never play with our health ,think in the long run how minute habits are turning into tragedies .

Losing weight in PCOD  is little tedious but not impossible as insulin resistance ,hyperdyslipidemia ,slow metabolism ,weak gut enzymes,irregular bowel movements ,binge eating,and anxiety are usually its comorbid elements .

It cannot be maintained on its own or just by any gadget ,your body needs to be understood by your healthcare professionals (preventive)viz clinical Dietitians which automatedly cannot be done by any nutritional apps as we are dealing with human bodies .

PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) is mostly caused by a combination of hormonal imbalance and genetic tendencies.   It is commonly experienced by one out of ten women in the childbearing age. On the other hand, it is marked by irregular periods, or there are no periods. In this, women ovaries will form multiple cysts that may occur due to the overproduction of hormones called androgens.

According to  research, it has been proved that a proper diet can readily improve the impact of PCOS and is also important to take healthy food to cure PCOS.

Randomly we cannot eliminate some food groups by just reading this and that is not good or in favour .

Case study taken showed decrease in BMI and fat percentage of body which in turn affected the hormone profile and metabolism .

WEIGHT ANALYSIS (Target Weight :- – )

Date of updation of weight Weight
2022-09-08       104.5
2022-09-15       104
2022-09-18    104.65
2022-09-23       102
2022-09-30     101.5
2022-10-07       100
2022-10-08      99.7
2022-10-14     98.1
2022-10-21     97.5
2022-10-28      96
2022-11-04      94
2022-11-09      94
2022-11-15     91.5
2022-11-16       91
2022-11-23      90
2022-11-30    89


Arm ,Chest, Hips,Thighs, Waist , 

Date of updation of Anthropometric valuesArmChestHipsThighsWaist


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