Healthy Breakfast
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Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast : A good breakfast in the morning is a key to avoid obesity .In my previous posts I have highlighted use of spices and advantages of Beans . The plant based breakfast is considered very healthy.Try Red beans (Rajmah) in the Breakfast 1.After soaking Rajmah overnight
2.Steam Rajmah (beans)nicely with turmeric in a pressure cooker
3.Add zera , home made ginger and garlic paste once it is ready.
4. Avoid red pepper (Lal Mirch)
5.Do not add Oil
6 Sprinkle LEMON juice over it or add half teaspoon of Olive oil before taking.
Take at least one fruit : Banana ,  Apple , Avocado, Mango ,  Avoid juice
Green Tea: Take one cup of Green tea instead of Lipton or Pink Kashmiri tea
Add cinnamon (Dalchini) instead of Sugar
Add cardamom (Ilachi)
Try it once
Advantage of Green tea
1. It has lot of antioxidants helping to prevent inflammation
2. Improves brain function
3. Helps in weight loss
4, May help in cancer prevention
5. May prevent brain from aging .
6. Helpful in cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes

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